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News 07/10 2024

Trutnov (CZ), Obscene Extreme Festival 07/06 2024
We were invited to the Obscene Extreme Fest for the fifth time. It was, of course, something special to be there for the 25th anniversary and also to celebrate Curby's 50th birthday.
We had brought some time with us - from Thursday lunchtime onwards, we were able to dive into the crowds, see some bands perform, and meet lots of friends to chat and hang out with.
There were also some top "fanboy" experiences, especially with Immolation and Autopsy. We have adored both bands since time immemorial, and never in our lives have we thought of spending time together and sharing the stage.
Of course, the Saturday 7:15 gig was the main focus, and it was going to be absolutely brilliant. We mainly had songs from "Impulse to Destroy" in our luggage - that's what people want to hear. Afterward, there was a professional photo session with our good friends from Latvia, Alex and Inguna. Now the pressure is on to get a new Blood recording with these photos ... we're really looking forward to it.
The organization was absolutely great again - the short changeover breaks made for a great flow and also pressure on stage, but the many helping hands made it possible.
The "backstage container", which we shared with the guys from Protector, was also very cool - but as we're not the kind of band that withdraws, we only used the container briefly ...

News 07/02 2024

Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City 06/14+15+16 2024
We are back from a really challenging trip with lots of experiences and great moments. One day before our flight to LA, Satanic Taki got sick and had to cancel his trip, but he wanted us to do it without him, so we did.
We arrived in LA on Tuesday, so we had some time for sightseeing - downtown LA, the beaches, the Hollywood Hills and the Walk of Fame.
Friday evening, we were ready for showtime. Destroyer Eisen got a guitar, but it wasn't easy because it was a 7-string, very heavy and hard to play, but anyway. We had lots of merch with us, and the people went crazy for that. Almost everything was sold at the show - so sorry for Chicago and NYC; there wasn't much left for you.
The show was such a killer. Ruin were sick, and we had an amazing stage time. The crowd screamed so loudly, and we gave our best. It was very different without Satanic Taki, but it was noisy as hell, so we think people don't missed a lot.

Los Angeles

Directly after the show, we went to the apartment for a shower, took our stuff and headed to the airport. The flight to Chicago was a very early flight. Luckily, we had nice travel with some rest, and also, in Chicago, there was time to take a nap.
A few years ago, we already played at Reggies, but this time it was on the small stage. It was a great meeting of lots of old friends. Some came over from far away to see us, and the billing was a bummer, too. This time we had a great sound and very good equipment to release our chaos. Another awesome show!


Sunday morning, we took the plane to NYC. We were almost dead, but full of enthusiasm that held us awake for the NYC show.
After a bit of rest, we went to the club, and yeah - people were waiting for us for photos and autographs. Another killer line-up, where the equipment was the best of the 3 shows, and so the sound was amazing and brutal.
I don't know why there were rumors we would never come back to the States - we definitely want to if there's an offer that fits! Luckily, we had another 1 1/2 days off before our return flight to Germany to walk NYC the whole time... almost 30 Kilometers of walking—and our feet were burning. Life is sooo good!
We'll definitely be back!

New York City

News 04/16 2024

Lublin (PL) 04/13.2024
It's crazy that it took 38 years before we were allowed to play in Poland for the first time. Lublin is very far to the east, so it took quite a long time to get there.
Fortunately, we still had Friday evening and Saturday morning to enjoy the city.
It was the first time Blastfest had been held, but the line-up was a blast: Disharmonic Orchestra, Inhume, Squash Bowels, Sick Sinus Syndrome... it was brutal death/grind at its best.
The club was packed - people who had traveled a long way to get there should turn the evening into a party.
I can't believe how many autographs we had to sign and how many photos we had to take, but it was just so much fun.
The bands all delivered so that nobody was disappointed. We had a brilliant stage time and played some absolute classics.
We'll definitely be back!

News 03/20 2024

Oberhausen 03/16 2024
The first show of 2024 for us - and what a show it was! The Helvete in Oberhausen provides the stage for the heaviest underground stuff. Loading and unloading were a little difficult, as there were stairs to climb and the parking situation wasn't ideal, but there were plenty of helping hands on hand. The organization/merch table/catering/time schedule is absolutely top.
The festival was sold out, and you could tell - hellish heat and a brutal atmosphere with all the bands. We had to wait a long time, but we were able to shred our set right on time. Thanks for the eternal support!

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