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February 20th 2021 t.b.a.
March 20th 2021 Heidelberg Deathfest
April 23rd 2021 t.b.a.
April 24th 2021 t.b.a.
May 29th 2021 t.b.a.
June 25th 2021 t.b.a.
June 26th 2021 t.b.a.
June 27th 2021 t.b.a.
November 6th 2021 Berlin, Never Surrender Festival

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News 01/17/20

Mangualde (PR), HMF 01/11/20
The oldest metal festival in Portugal? We had to be there - after other requests did not fit so far. The billing was already very broad and unusual. It was difficult to estimate what to expect there.
At the Porto airport we met the NWOBHM people from Praying Mantis - with whom we shared the shuttle to Mangualde.
After relaxing in our hostel a bit, we went to the venue, where we were surprised how crowded it was. Nearly 500 people were supposed to hit this place to enjoy a wide range of metal.
The organization was a bomb and so the playing times were kept very well - only the long queue at the voucher sale should be annoying. Like the bands, the audience was very mixed, but they were united by their love for metal.
At the best time shortly after 9 pm it was time for us to bring hell over Protugal and once again it was going to be a brutal firework. Unfortunately it was all over much too fast, but we will surely come back!

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