News 2016:

News November 22nd 2016

Maasbree, Mafcentrum November 13th 2016
The last of the 3 shows was in under the sign of family and friends of the Inhume guys, because Maasbree was near their home.
We wanted to open the show, because we had to drive back home directly after this and so we had plenty of time to build up
everything at this huge stage – an amazing meal at the „frituur“ was another highlight, before saying an emotional goodbye
after the show.
Thanks for all the organisation you did for us – grind on!

News November 22nd 2016

Rotterdam Death fest, de baroeg November 12 th 2016
The Rotterdam Deathfest should last over 2 days. This saturday some great bands appeared: Inhume, Nervo Chaos (BRA),
Pentacle (NL), Ares Kingdom (US), Rectal Smegma (NL) and Goregasm (US)
What a giant pleasure to enter this stage.
Too bad, we had technical problems – one of the guitars fucked up, but what followed was a hurrican of this awesome crowd.
hell opened its gates...

News November 22nd 2016

Tilburg, little devil November 11 th 2016
15 years after our last mini tour with Inhume now the repeat. Tilburg was a good start and 666 Shades of Shit
were with us.
The location is very small, but sympathic – so we had not much space for all the stage equipement and acting.
Who cares… this club should be burn and so it was.

News September 17th 2016
This is the flyer of our Minitour with the godly Inhume - hope we'll meet in Holland!

News July 11th 2016
Blood Impulse to destroy - Tape 2016 "live at Obscene Extreme 2015" released at Noise not war records.

News June 30th 2016
Blood "Recognize Yourself" Picture EP 1989 - Repress 2016 by Bizarre Leprous Productions (CZ) available in the Blood Onlineshop!

News March 29th 2016
Wiesbaden, Frankfurt Death Fest March, 05th 2016
Long before the fest appears there were lots of rumours about the rip-off organizers. So that many of the headliners changed and the crowd didn't know what they pay for. For us it was no question to enter the fest. What is true and what not is not a thing, we have to think about. For us everything went well and fair. It was a blast to meet some of our old buddies, especially Holocausto Canibal, Fleshless and Dead Infection to celebrate this noisy portion of grind and death and so for us it was an amazing fest!