Backflash 2015:

News Dec. 22nd 2015

Vienna, Rape the Escape Dec. 12th 2015
The last show of the year for us and like many others, also this kills! A horde of awesome bands made this festival to be a special one during all those years in the scene. And so was 2015 where we had a cool time with the guys of Holocausto Cannibal, Clitgore and Satans Revenge of Mankind only to name a few. Besides this we met a lot of great people, that followed us during the ages through the underground metal scene.
The fest is still very familiar - a real fest from fans for fans. The stage is very tiny and so the hall is. With almost 100 people it is good flooded, but so you have the perfect underground feeling.
Too bad we had to enter the stage after midnight, but anyway - we had a perfect moment to celebrate this with the whole crowd.
Now we are looking forward if we'll make 2016 such a great year than 2015 was.

News Dec. 09th 2015

Hamburg, Große Markthalle Nov. 28th 2015
We got the invitation to play in Hamburg, Markthalle at the 25. Anniversary show from the supercool guys of Yacopsae. There were only long running cult bands besides us to play there.
It was a total mixture of Grind/Punk/Hardcore/Thrash and so the crowd was. Around 500 crazy people made this a phantastic evening for all of us.

Review of the show at Dremufuestias (german)

News October 15th 2015

Wermelskirchen, NRW Deathfest Sep. 19th 2015
For the first time, we played this famous festival with lots of kick-ass bands. Too bad, we didn't have the chance to be there that friday before, because the bands at that day also shreds. The festival was sold out and we had a fucking intense time, meeting lots of true old school metal heads and were absolutely lucky about this amazing organization and brilliant equipement on stage!!!

News July 18th 2015

Trutnov (CZ) Obscene Extreme July 11th 2015
What a hellish bash... for the 4th Time we entered the stage at the Obscene Extreme Fest and one time there were more people there than ever before! We came up with a special Impulse to desroy set, which let us rehearse very hard and many songs we haven't played since over 25 years - it was awesome funny at all!
To play there is one thing, meet a lot of great people that are hard in the scene since many years is the other thing.
Katon of Hirax is such a true metalhead, also very frienly personally and so do the dudes of Terrorizer LA... You cannot say, this seems a Terrorizer coverband - this is Terrorizer.
The japanese hordes of S.O.B. and Unholy Grave didn't speak English, but the language of beer and Grind is inernational. It was a blast to meet the sickos of Lividity again after 16 years, and the guys of Bulldozer kicked totally ass. A.C. Wild has a cool bunch of sick italian musicians around who did all their classics very well.
One more Highlight was the appearance of Vital Remains - such a hellish Killer fast Set. Too bad, this all is over now. We are looking forward to watch our video and come back next year as a guest....

News July 15th 2015

Christbait CD re-release on VIC-records (NL) with a new huge booklet now available in the Onlineshop

Impulse to Destroy T-Shirts available again now in the Onlineshop

News May 10th 2015

Mexico (Mexico City) April 25th 2015
On April 25th it was the time for the last show in Salon Bolivar, but before this, we had time to visit Templo Mayor, an old Aztec ruin in the city center of Mexico City.
At the showplace we met people from far away – also from L.A. This was our biggest crowd so far. Too bad, there was a total horrible equipement there, but anyway... the crowd went crazy and we loved it!
Next day it was time to say good bye – and after this 9 days in godly Mexico it was very emotional, because our friends Aaron, Jhona and Jhony were just like a family what they organized and did for us was so amazing – we will never forget this adventure time... now everything is possible in the future!

Mexico (Puebla) April 24th 2015
The next day there was a problem with the Van: it broke up and there was no replacement, so we thought to drop off the show in Puebla that evening. But the guys of Oxidised Razor were so amazing: they found 2 (horrible crazy) Taxis, who drove us to Puebla and later back. The best thing: the Taxi drivers stand inside the Black Dog club to watch some Death and Grind.
Another brutal cool show for us and our friends of Oxidised Razor. Also Blood Killer (!) were amazing! Soooo many photos backstage. We entered our hotel and our bed at 5 in the morning...

Mexico (Nezahualcoyotl) April 23rd 2015
At April 23rd we travelled to Nezahualcoyotl. Another big city not far away from Mexico City and a very poor city. We visited a marked, where they sold a Blood discography for only 10 Pesos.
Another time we had to sign many stuff and were photographed a lot. The guys from the club were awesome friendly and some bands were real killer (expecially Exxecutor!). We stayed until the last peole left the hall and had another great gig and party time.

Mexico (Tlalnepantla) April 19th 2015
We arrived at Tlalnepantla and were surrounded by people who wants to shoot some pics. The show already started. It has to end up earlier, because it is a sunday. This time there were twice as much people there. The club was more DIY-punk and the backline was a kind of lousy, but it made a fucking noise and so did the crazy crowd.
One more time we had an incredible time with this crazy friendly people.
Then we had 3 days off to visit downtown Mexico City, Teotihuacan and Xochimilco. We got the chance to buy some souvenirs and test different beers!

Mexico (San Luis Potosi) April 17th + 18th 2015
What a long travel to reach Mexico City. The cool guys of Oxidized Razor picked us up and went to the city center to have a few drinks in an authentic Mexican Restaurant. After a lonng Party time we found some sleep, before travelling to our first show in San Luis Potosi. It was 6 hours of travel, but we had a big bus for 14 people!!
Then it was time for the show. Too bad, only a few people were there, but they were totally enthusiastic and made lots of action, before we left the stage.
After that we had some drinks and a huge bunch of autographs and photos with nearly everyone who was there.

News Jan. 24th 2015

Chuck is back!
Chuck strengthens us since a few months on guitar.

But who the fuck is Chuck?
We know him since the beginning of Blood when he was playing guitars in Deathcore. In mid 1988 he took the vocals in Blood for about 2 months (6th Demo) – that was right before Martin joined us and a new era started.
As Blood is not his major band, he will be only on stage with us, if it works with his dates. If not, we'll hit the stage as a 4 piece...

Blood with Chuck 2015

Chuck in Blood 1988

Chuck with Deathcore

News Jan. 22nd 2015

Weinheim Jan. 17th 2015
In Weinheim, there were two premieres for us : the first gig since the last line-up changes close to our hometown Speyer and the first gig in full line-up, that means with 2 guitars !!! And that was a real fat rack! The air was thin and the room was hotter than hell and full of oldschool people. Many of them we haven't seen since over 20 years. Among others also some members of Belching Beet, Gut, Nyctophobic, Dawn ... That was a big hello. The crowd went totally mad and gone crazy for us – we had a bombastic time. Here are a few shots of this inferno - thanks to "Ralle Schwerin" for it.