News 2007:

December 2007:
On FDA-Recotz (Spain) the CD-Version of debut LP "Impulse to Destroy" (+ EP 1990 RECOGNIZE YOURSELF + Split EP 1991 with AGATHOCLES and IMPETIGO) was re-released with a new huge booklet.

October 2007: 
The second show this year, but what a show!! The location at Skullcrusher is awesome and the organisation was great as hell (a big thank to Enni, Mutti and the whole crew!). The festival started as planed, but as we entered the stage, we had a one hour delay, so we had to sing the happy birthday to Ventilator before the gig. 300 people, full hut and an phantastic setting. Also a cool sleeping place and an enormous breakfasttable... we will be back...


September 2007:
After such a long break it was time to get on stage again... and holy shit! What a great show in Praha. Hanzi the Snail was well integrated so he could play the whole show with Blood. In front of the stage there was a moshpit of almost 300 crazy people and the sound was brutal as hell! I think pictueres will tell more than 1000 words.
Let's have a look:

Here you can watch a video!


July 2007:
After the cancelled show and not that much activity during this year, we'll offer you a new additional guitar player called Hanzi the Snail! He'll start as a session guitar player, maybe more... 
In early July there was the first meeting of both guitars and an really infernal clash of thunder with 2 guitars. Too bad Taki had to leave to Obscene Extreme Fest (Trutnov), so we only met him very short.

Ventilator Taki
Hanzi the Snail Taki + Semih Orhan (Impact Drill zine) | Obscene Fest


Welcome to another bloody year