News 2013:

Dec. 22nd 2013:

Blood Interview

Nov. 28th 2013:

Depressing news from the home of the German, service elders Noise-/Grindcore and Death Metal Legend: BLOOD. Our long-standing, stylistically influential drummer, friend and brother `Ventilator '(47) announced yesterday surprisingly his withdrawal from the band and ended his musical career. `Ventilator 'shaped and formed, after joining the band in June 1987, by its very idiosyncratic drumming the structure, groove and style of the band, thus became a pioneer, but also idol and a cult person for subsequent, countless, intergenerational bands and fans of the underground grindcore-genre worldwide and was until recently a train-engine of the Band before the Lord! Not only as a drummer, but also as person, friend and band-brother. The meaning of this loss for BLOOD, unfortunately, cannot quite estimate.
Therefore, all previously scheduled concerts are put on hold until the rest of the band has come to an amicable solution. The organizers are kept up to date. More statements will follow.
We wish our Metal Brother `Venti 'all the best for his chosen path, health and good luck, also for his family and thank Him for all the years and decades we spent together, and saluting with a raised and clenched fist:
HAIL & KILL!!!, Bro´!!!

Fischamend (Österreich), Stand up club Nov. 23rd 2013

A Show in Austria - after a long time in an small but absolutely culty Club ... 4 Bands were announced for this night, but only 3 appeared, so we had lots of more time to drink, relax and talk.
For us evereything was brilliant: the Sound on stage and before and also the technics was working. And it seems that the crowd also enjoyed it a lot as they totally went crazy. We had so much fun and a good partytime With old mates and the organizers... if you want blood... - grrrrrind!

Mutterstadt, Waldpark Open Air Oct. 12th 2013

Unbelievable - it's October and we had our First Show 2013. First I thought: only 8 degrees and Open Air? But the big tent was good heated. Later there was never a Problem With the temperature.
Too Bad we weren't allowed to make some Kind of fire-show, but otherwise... there was enough to make the crowd gone crazy. Once again it was a very old-school Meeting. Like many times before it was much too short.