News 2008:


November 15th 2008:

The "Knüppelnacht" loaded to maintained banging and moshing. Too bad, the expiration retarded enormously that we entered the stage after 1 o'clock and only a few alcoholconsumers and diehardfans populated the hall 101.


September 13th 2008:
Finally after a long time, it was so far for a Gig in the homeland. At least 300 fans had appeared themselves, in order to attend this evening of death. It was great to see so many old and well-known faces again. To the best primetime we had an amazing set in stock. Even a few songs, we didn't play since a long long time went very well, as it woul have been yesterday. After about one hour we enjoyed the bath in the crowd and the bath in beer. Now we look forward to the "Knüppel Nacht" to come up very soon!

Clausi the Corpse, Ventilator, Satanic Taki, Destroyer Eisen, Hanzi the snail


May 30th 2008:
For the second time we should play at the Protzen Open Air. On friday it's a bit quiet normally, but this day there were lots of tents filled the space around the area. Tis location is a killer and especially the food is simply overwhelmed. This time everything was perfect for us and so the crowd went intense mad. A merciless genious show!

May, 17th 2008:
After a long period we finally had a crushing show. In Giebelstadt (near Würzburg) 250 sick bodies appeared to get a special murdershow. The organisation was brilliant and so the setlist. Too bad we had a bad day and some technical problems, so the crowd was a bit bored. But we will be better the next time!

March 2008:
Eisen visited Speyer and we had a small rehearsing, coz it was too damn cold!

Another Review of Impulse to Destroy Re-release:

Yes, you read it well, I’m reviewing “Impulse to Destroy” from BLOOD, back to 1989!! Lately reissued by F.D.A. Rekotz, here comes the very first BLOOD full length release reissued with bonus tracks! Indeed, this reissue includes the original 24 tracks of the “Impulse to Destroy” LP, the 6 tracks from the Recognize Yourself” EP, the 3 tracks from split EP w/ IMPETIGO, and the 2 tracks from the split EP w/ AGATHOCLES, all of these stuffs recorded between 1989 and 1991! I guess it’s needless to introduce BLOOD, one of the oldest German Death Grind band, created in 1986! Personally, I discovered them with their “O Agios Pethane” full length released in 1993, and this “Impulse to Destroy” was for me the first time I listened to previous stuffs from the band! It’s funny to see that the now typical BLOOD sound wasn’t so important at that time, and finally that the band was closer to stuffs like “From Enslavement to Obliteration” or “Reek of Putrefaction” than what they did later!! Well, as you can imagine, the sound is rather raw, but really pleasant to listen to! The release comes with a cool 20 pages booklet with lyrics, pictures, etc. and finally I guess this is a very good idea from F.D.A. Rekotz to re-release this Grind piece! Interesting for Old School worshippers of course, but interesting too for younger ones I guess, if they’re not only exclusive to modern and technical Grind stuffs ahah!