News 2012:

Geiselhöring, Death Doomed Festival Sep. 08th 2012

In the deepest bavarian province nearby the City of Straubing you find the village Geiselhöring. You won't believe what was going on there: an upper class Open Air Festival With tons of old school and true Underground Bands such as Fleshless, Malignant Tumour and the godly Deathstrike (or should I say Master, Funeral Bitch...) With Speckmann. For us sadly we had that less playtime, that we weren't able to play the complete playlist. Who cares-The crowd went mad and we had a phantastic time.

Trutnov, Obscene Extreme July, 14th 2012

Holy shit! Unbelievable 5000 people joined this 2012 Obscene Massacre in Trutnov at the Battlefield to shoot out a deadly thunder of High class Metal. Friday the weather wasn't the best with Rain and muddy Underground, but saturday was Kind of perfect... and as perfect was the organization along with the timeline. 8.55 PM we were ready to Hit the stage. We tried as fast as we can, because we only had 40 minutes. The crowd went mad and had lots of fun - anyway, we had to drop 7 Songs of our list. Obscene Extreme always was the fucking best in brutal Metal and so it still goes...

Lost Lords/And no one cries
The first 12 minutes