News 2019:

News September, 9th2019

Ernsthausen (D), Masters of the Unicorn, September 7th 2019
On Saturday we should play this small but fine festival. Already on Fridays some national and international underground bands showed their skills and as it seemed, the alcohol flowed in streams, so on Saturday the mood in front of the stage was still a bit restrained and tired with the first bands, although they really tried hard. We really didn't know what to expect here in the open air... but then it was as usual: a hellish infernal overkill, which probably didn't leave anyone cold in the crowd. We really didn't expect that. So right after the gig our merchandise booth was stormed by a bunch of people. Fortunately we had taken enough material with us to satisfy the rush. Perfect organization and a great, familiar atmosphere make this festival something special, which you don't find so often anymore.

News June, 06th 2019

Baltimore (US), Maryland Deathfest May, 25th 2019
After a very short night we had to catch the early flight to Baltimore, because at the Maryland Deathfest we had to be on stage at 5 pm, but before that we wanted to take over the hotel room and be prepared for the gig. What a tight and ingenious organisation - this is the only way to ensure that the schedule can be adhered to with so many bands. From where the fans travelled to this show was absolutely crazy: Colombia, Costa Rica, Australia and of course masses from Europe. The varied billing made sure that it was very full in both halls. We couldn't estimate who would be interested into our performance that afternoon, but we were totally swept away by the reactions. Something like that wasn't necessarily to be expected and so we were supposed to take plenty of fan photos on Sunday as well... which was a lot of fun. We enjoyed the Sunday after that travel stress to talk extensively with fans and colleagues and to mingle with the crowd. Thanks to our crazy fans from all over the world who supported us so extraordinarily.

Chicago (US), Reggies May, 24th 2019
We arrived in Chicago the Wednesday before the show to have some sightseeing. On Friday it was time to take control of the Reggies and meet a lot of friends besides the other extraordinary bands. Everything should be unload in a huge inferno - after Viogression, Anarchus, Squash Bowels and especially Nunslaughter, who had already driven the crowd that crazy. Wow - what a lot of fun we had with that brilliant people.

News April 04th 2019

St. Petersburg (RUS) March 15th 2019
That was a lot of preliminary work until we finally had our visas in our hands. There were doubts from time to time as to whether everything would work like this. Pavel and Oleg, the organizers made every detail work, so we were met at the airport in St. Petersburg and went directly to the club.
After a meal and some sightseeing it was time to satisfy the waiting crowd, offer merchandise and listen to the first sounds. With only 4 bands the time had come quickly for us to bring the inferno over St. Petersburg... and that was it, a total inferno - killer sound, professional equipment and a euphoric raging crowd that mercilessly celebrated every song, even fans from Eastern Siberia had come!

Moskow (RUS) March 16th 2019
It was curious that right after the gig (St. Petersburg) we boarded the night train to Moscow - a huge adventure that was waiting for us. The train took 10 hours, but that wasn't too bad because we couldn't get our hotel room earlier. After a little relaxing time it was time to lay Moscow in ruins. Also here a firework of emotions awaited us and we enjoyed every minute of the stage time. Awesome, what we should experienced here. On Sunday we had an easy day to visit the Kremlin and some pubs before we went back home on Monday... spasibo rossiya!

News Feb. 2nd 2019

Ostfildern, Zentrum Zinsholz, Exhume the Metal 01/26/2019
Time to say a huge THANK YOU to Abrasive for organizing the Exhume The Metal IV Jan 25/26 Blood Deranged Lifeless Requiem Festival!
We had a Hell of a time on stage and the whole day before with lots of cool meetings.
Finally after 25 years our old friends of GROG, many old Metal friends of the home area and many great new ones like the Ekpyrosis guys and others.
Heres a huge Hail fuckinīSatan to you!