Backflash 2005:

January 2005

Blood won't be killed. A new year, a new grind.

Next Blood-Metal Night: Thursday January, 27th2005 in the Blood-rehearsal room. Guests are welcome!

Februar 2005

The Gig in Genthin along with My Darkest Hate became true! Sadly only a few choosen souls found the way in this idyllic small town. The more phantastic was the organisation and the whole night of bloody death. Only 2 bands, playtime without any borders. Only a pure familiary grind- deathoverkill where everyone have had it's fun. Burn in hell...

street of the victims of fascism

Clausi before the show

Clausi, Taki, Eisen

The day after: Eisen, Ventilator, Taki

May 2005

We played a fucking cool "open air"-show in Protzen. along with many other bands the show started at 6 PM this Friday. Around 200 freaky fans visited the show. Maybe saturday was the more important day for the show, so there was a much bigger crowd. Inhale the following shots we made from the show:

before the show drinking

once again

the beginning

fire death fate

into the darkness

Taki dangerous

shout at the devil


back home


December 2005

After a long time we had a show in fucking old Belgium. Luckily we could rehearse two times before the show, so we started the trip on early december 10th. The youthclub "De Bogaard" in Geel is a small, but nice club. Everything was a bit "Hardcore - like"... the stage only had room for the drums and for the rest of us the place in front of the stage must be enough. About  80 people found the way through the frosty winter to the club, but they should be honoured with an extraclass grind show. Intestinal Disease stands for Hard- Mince- and Grindcore since many years. We should have an easy job to satisfact the mad crowd und were totally pleased after our 90 minutes show.

Photos will follow soon...

... and again a cool year went to an end!