News 2021:

News December 8th 2021

Our new Video of the song "Parasite", which will appear at the upcoming Split Mini LP with the Devil Metal gods Nunslaughter was released. Our good freind from Latvia Alexander Trinitatov created this cool video for us - praise the goat for that and enjoy this shit!

News December 2nd 2021

Dysangelium, the 7th Blood Studioalbum and the last with Clausi the Corpse on vocals from 2003 gets its re-release by the dutch Label VIC-records with a new, fancy Booklet.

News March 25th 2021

March 19th - 21st 2021 Kohlekeller Studio
Holy fuck - those were 3 studio days of absolute eclipse. After it became clear that there would be no real shows for the foreseeable future, we set to work creating new songs. We had waited too long after the overwhelming album "Inferno" from 2017. Especially the first 3 months in 2021 were used intensively. However, we could only rehearse this madness very rarely completely with all five members. Nevertheless, we wanted to set an exclamation mark again.
Since we were thrilled by the Kohlekellerstudio and the two producers "Kohle" and Kai Stahlenberg last time, there was no reason for a change. It became 6 songs of total destruction, which will see the light of day later in 2021.
In which form exactly, we do not want to take too much in advance, as long as not everything is 100% fix.
In any case, you can look forward to Blood in its darkest and coarsest form.