News 2018:

News December 30th 2018

Chile Nov. 15th - Nov. 26th 2018
On Nov. 15th we started the long trip to Chile, for entering the stage at Nov. 16th in Concepcion. We didn´t have much time to rest and arrived at the club, where we had no minute of silence... all the time we were asked for photos and autographs. This ferocity and emotionality continued on stage. Just one note was enough to set the mass in motion. Incredible - each line of text was shouted and it was as loud, as in an football stadium, so that you could barely hear something on stage. After 45 minutes, the keg was overcooked and we were able to leave the stage with a roar.

Already the next day we went back to Santiago by plane to Titans of Grind. Here we should enjoy a fantastic barbeque in the afternoon, before going to the venue, where the mob sharpened their cell phones. It was hard to beat, what awaited us here... Chile kills!

On the very early Sunday morning, the trip to Puerto Montt was announced to bring us to the south. Not quite as many people, but not less emotional, the hall was smashed. Then we finally had a little time to rest and let the organizer show us the city and the area. With traditional Chilean food, a boat trip and a trip to the Volcano, there was something for our tourist soul.

On Nov. 21st it was time to say Adios and to change the lama blankets for beachwear after the next travel via Santiago to Valparaiso. Here we were picked up directly and brought to the hostel before we could surrender to our beer thirst and then had a day to explore the wonderful city, which brought us a merciless sunburn. The show was on Nov. 23rd. The hall had no stage, but so it was the perfect feeling that you were in the middle of the roaring pack - terrific!

The next morning we started very early by bus via Santiago to Talca, where the last show took place. The site was an artist's park, where huge old wine barrels made room for the backstageroom or a small studio. We gave a video interview before the gig and then hell broke loose again! We used the day off on Sunday for some sightseeing in Santiago, before the return flight to germany awaited us on Monday... What a huge adventure lies behind us, where we were allowed to meet so many great people, so much insight into the real life, the food, the culture and the metal!!

News November 13th 2018

October 19th 2018 Mörlenbach - Weiher
After the heavy accident of Martin Witchskinner in March 2018 it should last nearly 7 months until it was possible for us to enter the stage and to give 100%. With us at ths thinkful event were or dutch bloodbrothers of Inhume, the french grind institution Putrid Offal and the local heroes Hellknife… what a brutal line-up! Too bad, there where not as much people in the hall as expected, but therefore it was people from our home area who followed our path for many many years. So the time was even too short to talk with everyone enough and we also had a job to do and this was an Inferno!!!

News September 12th 2018

Our show at the OEF 2015 with the legendary Impulse to destroy-Set finds his way onto vinyl. 300 handnumbered copies are available now at our Onlineshop to be ordered.

News April 27th 2018

Too bad we have to cancel our appearance of the next scheduled show in Weinheim (May 19th), because of an horrible accident of our singer Martin Witchskinner. His recovery needs more time, but we will be back as strong as ever later this year!!

News April 02nd 2018

March 23rd - 25th 2018 Czech Republic
Last year at the „Nice to eat you“ Deathfest the idea for a mini tour with our friends from Fleshless occured. Vladimir is the master of organization and so it should become these 3 days of March 2018.

Prague March 23rd 2018
The first show was part of a cultural festival in Prague and we played at the same place where the “Fekal party” took place. Curiously, our last appearance at the Fekal Party was the first show with Martin Witchskinner after more than 20 years. This time it was at the indoor stage. The audience was very punk / hardcore oriented and for them it was not so much about seeing special bands, but just having a cool evening with cheap beer and some live music. Nevertheless, we were able to bring the room to a boil when it was past midnight. Unfortunately we could not play the whole set, because there were some other bands after that and it was incredible late.

Svitavy March 24th 2018
The next morning we had enough time to drive to the second place "Svitavy". Jan of Twisted Truth/Marana (the organizer) was already waiting for us to show us the wonderful place and have a snack with us. This night there should be a real Death Metal audience, to properly rage with all 4 bands and so we could introduce the complete program and it was just the most brutal hell!
At midnight we started to celebrate Martin's birthday and it was very late again - what shall we do, with such fantastic friends and so tasty Czech beer?

Ostrava March 25th 2018
The city of Ostrava was our last goal the next day. Once we arrived there, we walked a bit around through the city and also visited a legendary old rusty industrial arsenal (DOV) with its "Bolt Tower". The cameras went hot there. Of course, the concert was not that crowded because it was Sunday, but people were supposed to get the full service - and they got it. We had lots of talks with old friends (especially Bilos of Malignant Tumor) before going to our well - deserved sleep.
After this great weekend, we would like to thank all the friends and supporters who made this possible and have fulfilled every wish!

News March 08th 2018

March 03rd 2018 Netherlands Deathfest, Tilburg Poppodium 013
Originally we got an offer to play the Maryland Deathfest in May 2018, but for the reason of other dates we had to reject it,
but instead of this we should play the Netherlands Deathfest. The last years a lot of Killerbands were announced there, so it
should be a giant thing for us.
We arrived there on Friday to meet a lot of friends and watched a few live performances like Carcass, Suffocation, The Ominous
Circle and a few others. We noticed that the huge stage is really really huge. If you haven‘t any real „superhits“ you nearly
have no chance to get a lot of sick response there. Luckily we should play at the Patronaat, a middlesized location, where we
could burn the churches to the ground.
After some more infernal meetings and cool performances (Nunslaughter, Skinless, Skullhog), it should go straight to the
stage at 9.20. It was unbelievable, how well everything is organised. If you get picked up an hour before your set at your
restroom, your equipement get carried to the stage than you know: it‘s the work of professionals. What awaits us in front of
the stage then was a storm of more Blood-supporters at one place, as never before… and so it became a true hellfest.
Too bad, there were some cancellations because of winter weather in Europe and we got an offer to play another set on Sunday
(as the replacement of Sadistic Intent), but we had to reject it, because of some of us had to leave early that Sunday.