News 2017:

News Dec. 26th 2017

This was the year 2017, the 31st for Blood and one of the most intense one. After the killer trip to Finland and the recording of "Inferno", the sick Montreal show(s) and finally the adventure to Seattle along with the Album release and the great success of this self release. This year will stay legendary for us.
Thanks to all our fans, who haven't forgotten us after this long years without any new output.
You make us proud!

News Nov, 24th 2017

Seattle (US) Columbia City Theater
Finally we made it to the states for the first time. It was not the lack of offers, there never was a serious offer. Seattle seemed to be a longer travel, than Mexico or Montreal, but to be part of this unholy 2­day festival should compensate this.
After the first day of total jetlagging, we had some sightseeing, before heading to the Columbia City Theater that evening. A lot of cool people, we knew from the social media made us a great time and lots of great conversations. Too bad, the sound was a terrible that friday.
The next day we opended for soundcheck at 1 PM and that was very necessary – so people could expect a much better sound than the day before. Too bad our merch­pack didn‘t arrive right in time, so we only had a few shirts for sale. We had killer meetings, shots and a giant stage time. Also most of the other bands kicked ass. Such as Imprecation, Blaspherian, Antichrist, Weregoat, Oath of Cruelty, Torture Rack... and the audience gave us an awesome satanic support. Thanks for that – we‘ll be back in the states for sure!!
Satan would be proud of this hording of evil vengeance!!

News Nov, 24th 2017

Blood Interview at Deadly Storm

News Oct, 12th 2017

The Blood Demos 4, 5 and 6 are released as Vinyl Version by Nuclear War Now.

News Sep, 29th 2017

Inferno, the 8th Studioalbum is finally released as Vinyl LP+CD Version or as Tape Version.

News July, 28th 2017

We will announce you, that all later Blood albums will get their re-releases on 3 different ways!

News July, 23rd 2017

Torgau, In Flammen Open Air
It was our first visit of the "In Flammen" Open Air. There were a number of well-known bands there, so we already arrived on Fridays to see some of them, enjoy the atmosphere and meet lots of people.
After we brought the relaxed Friday behind us, at which we have already spent all our food- and drink-coupons. On Saturday stagetime was very early for us. At 4:40 pm in bright afternoon sun - very difficult conditions to hail the goat. It seems, that some people had problems with our performance, but fuck them - we pulled our thing and could convince those who wanted to see us. Afterwards we went to the beer house and enjoyed the other bands until after midnight.
Great location, great organization and very open atmosphere - In hell you'll burn ...

News June, 9th 2017

Montreal (Can), Katacombes, Earslaughter Fest June, 2nd + 3rd 2017
The Canadians of Earslaughter fest booked us for the one show in Montreal – a dream became true!
We landed there a day before, so we had a little time for sightseeing and exploring the city and its nightlife. Our showtime was friday as the latest band. That seems to be a looong wait for us and a long wait for the crowd, but all the other bands were amazing fast, sick and tight. We didn‘t know, if we fit 100% to the fest and didn‘t know, what to expect, but after the first notes of our intro, there was no escape. They were crazy as hell and some die hard fans painted a banner for us – hell breaks through.

Here you find a review of the Blood show:
"The Earslaughter crew had secured a very special headliner for day one of the fest. German death grind band Blood have been wreaking Germanic Satanic havoc since 1986, but tonight’s performance would mark their first in North America. From note one, it was clear that lead singer Martin Witchskinner and company were prepared to put all these young grinders on notice and set the festival’s standard for live-performance insanity. From the concussive grooviness of “Cannibal Ritual” to the machine gun staccato of “Down The Swamp,” the band pulsated with wrathful energy. “Okay ladies, playtime is over! I want you to hail Satan for me!” barked Witchskinner between songs, driving the already rabid crowd into an even higher state of fervor. To top it all off, Blood debuted “The Summoning,” a track from their impending new record and their first new song in fourteen years. I am surprised the crowd didn’t collectively burst into flames right then and there."

Too bad, that some bands scheduled for saturday had to cancel (Siege, Haggus and Fiend), but – ha… the Earslaughter crew asked us if we like to play another show on saturday and we agreed for sure. With a little different and shorter set we did it again and the crowd went crazy again. Also the other bands hailed the name of „Earslaughter“ and killed that much!!!
Thanks to the organizers and the crazy canadian sickos who didn‘t forget us and brought us to North America. We made lots of new and old friends and provide to come back asap – in the name of the Maple Leaf.

News May, 23rd 2017

Horni Libchava (CZ), Nice To Eat You Deathfest, May 13th 2017
This fest is absolutely cult and so it is not so necessary, which bands are playing - it is always a killer fest!
With around 500 people it was nearly full in the hall and at the area around the fest, and also some hard rain couldn’t cloud the mood. The Pivo flew in streams and the grillmaster had lots of work.
We should have had an ungreateful stagetime, at 11 PM, where many people were dead after 3 days of full throttle festival and directly after the probably most awaited band Benighted. It needed a bit time, until Martin Witchskinner had the crowd under control, but then there was no hold anymore. Czech republic always stand for the best fans!

News May, 23rd 2017

Erfurt, Club Fromk Hell, May 6th 2017
Nearly 3 years ago, we hit this stage at “From Hell” the last time. This time the hall was totally filled with a damn crazy crowd and so they slammed brutally.
The other bands were more slam and goregrind, but we could invade with a darkened Death/Grind show and had a phantastic stage time.

News Apr 13th 2017

First little teaser for upcoming release 2017!

News Feb 19th 2017

Tampere (FI), Vastavirta-klubi Feb. 04th 2017
After a 2 hours drive we reached Tampere. Gladly we had a bit free time to take a walk through the City Center, before we had to ride to the venue. Not as many people were there than the day before, but therefore we had 5 bands that night - with Witchcraft a young band that celebrates the old tradition of early finnish Black Metal. No matter, that it was not as crowdy - they made the same amount of noise and we had another killershow.

It was amazing to meet so many people personally, which we only knew before from Facebook and E-Mailing. Thanks Manu Pohjonen for getting us there - we will be back!

We heard from people there, that they've never seen a Death/Black/Grindshow before, where finnish people raged so mad - what a honour.

News Feb. 19th 2017

Helsinki (FI), Lepakkomies Baari Feb. 03rd 2017
For the first time we had the chance to conquer Finland. In Helsinki 3 other sick finnish bands shared the stage with uns - such as Galvanizer and Necrolepsy - brutal old school shit!
The place should become full - very full. What happened to us at the stage was a hellish Inferno. Too bad, that Satanic Taki had to cancel the trip because of health problems, so we dedicate those 2 shows to him.