News 2011:

Leipzig Dec. 3rd 2011

The club was located in the middle of a rowhouse colony, so we didn't expect a numerous crowd. But mostly the absolute opposite of what we expected will take place - good thing, because what we had here on this limited space was really heating.
A wild mixture of bands and styles... All very cool - that is pure fun and so we had on stage. Not very often that we were so bathed in our sweat - superiour

Neidenbach (near Bitburg) Sep. 10th 2011

What a great thing to play the area around Bitburg. It started with a big “hello” to the old Bitburg-guard. Too bad, Eisen couldn’t be with Blood to play there, but the totally full hall, best crowd, great organisation and a brutalizing sound made this a great night for us. This was Metal-feeling like the late 80’s – grind on…

Berlin, Cassiopeia March, 12th 2011

Since many years once again we appeared in my new hometown. In early afternoon the first Bands entered the stage and at 8 PM the ticket office showed: sold out! It was strongly overfulled in this hall and so the crowd gone absolutely mad. The set was beaten that fast without any delay (hail the "Veranstalter"!) and it was phantastic to meet all those oldschool people and friends. No question, we had a cool brunchlocation the next morning.

Ostrava (CZ), Club Protor Feb. 19th 2011

After Praha was our latest show and the only one in 2010, we should enter the stage in Czech Republic again: this time in Ostrava. The Club was upstairs - an ramblin' location with lots of atmosphere. So the first bands started at 5 PM - our time was 10.30 PM... after lots of phantastic bands.
After that long time it was great to be on stage together and show the crowd our blood. The guys in front of the stage were in the right mood and Czech Republic was once more a great host country... we will be back!

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