Backflash 2003:

On January, 4th 2003we had our first show for this year. It was the 15-year anniversary of BELCHING BEET. Naturally it was our duty to support those old brothers in grind!! It was a total killer evening along with them and TOTENMOND (who played great crustcore).

Vöhri (BELCHING BEET) + Clausi (BLOOD)

On march we started our travel to the show in Belgium. The City was Gent in the west of Belgium. The Club was very small and the stage was megasmall!! With 50 people the room was almost filled – but who cares - this was total undergroundy. There were 3 belglum undergroundbands before us (Hybrid Viscery, Mucus, 187)... very funny and fast stuff indeed. lt was time for us to play a bit after midnight. People liked it a lot and we had a good time there.





the next morning we started driving north to Leiden (Holland). We were a bit relaxing, sightseeing and had a big dinner. At 5 PM we arrived at the hall, but lt opened at 6 PM, so we spent a bit time at the city. The hall was much bigger and the whole show was a kind of big too! But lt was no surprise, because Cripple Bastards are well known. After an opening band we played as second, because we wanted to drive back home after the show. We got a great response and some people went a long way to see us. At 11 PM we were ready to start right home.



Dysangelium is released through Morbid Records. We can`t wait for the response of the fans and the zines...

April 4th 2003:

We had a cool releaseparty in our rehearsalroom with many guests, some guestmusicians and bands. We played 2 times. First with older songs and then with some new tunes. It was fucking amazing and we had lots of fun.


TAKI (firebreathing)

Ventilator, Taki, Eisen

April 26th 2003:

We had a monster show in Leipzig at the Scheddel Concert along with Immaconcept, Crack up, Spawn and My Darkest Hate. The organisation was absolutely perfect und there were a few extra events between the bands (GoGo Girls, Jägermeister, freebeer and Airguitaring)... with 350 People the hall was nearly full and we had a phantastic Time on stage and the whole night... so every show had to be...

Here is an report:

June 2003:

We weren´t able to rehearse very often, `coz Taki and Ventilator were in holidays for a while. Anyway - we got 2 new songs ready.  Keep on grinding...


On July, 19th 2003 we had a gig in our hometown Speyer, called Knüppelnacht along with 3 other bands Unhight, Misanthropic and Grotesque Impalement

about 120 Bloodthirsty fans visited the show to get a blast onthrough their ears. Too bad this Hall was much too big for such a small crowd, but anyway we were pleased with the show and had a giant gig... desecrate the throne of christ...

September 5th 2003
Time for the "Morbiden Festspiele" to come!! As we arrived a bit lately there, we missed the first Band. Harmony Dies were at the stage and forced the nearly 400 undead fans to bang....The sound was also incredible. Next band was Eminenz - a total different style and not that much our cup of tea. Next it was time for us to enter the stage and what do I have to say?? It was THE killer for us - only fucking sick. The whole crowd was celebrating and we among them. Es war Oberkrass... Manos played after us and got also a good response (I'll never understand this, but who cares) and we did party with the guys of Exhumed 'til  7 in the morning!!


the sign

Ventilator + Taki


December 2003:
To the end of the year, we had a giant band-meal naturally with lots of beer til the end... a phantasic year came to an end...