BLOOD - 7" EP 2001 "Massacre"

(ketzer productions - Germany)

(Soundbunker studio - Ludwigshafen)

After we havenīt heard from ROT again and also ABNORM were so slow with their new material, we did this full BLOOD - 7" EP called massacre. It contains the 6 remainig Songs from the studio session back in mid - 2000. The sound is very rough and brutal. Similar to the BLOOD/WARSPITE split 7". We had a little delay with this release for some problems with the cover (again!). Some shitty factories wonīt print this wonderful splatter-shot. Who cares - finally itīs out on the cult label Ketzer productions.

BLOOD (Holland February 2001)

The first pressing of 500 pieces was sold out before the release!! So the next 500 followed directly after that and then some more. Ketzer did an amazing job with this fullcoloured front + back cover. You can get the lyrics here on this site (if you care for them). The Photos were taken at our mini-tour with the godly INHUME in february 2001.

line up: CLAUSI - vocals
EISEN - guitars + back vocals
TAKI - bass

1. drawn and quatered
2. sentenced
3. abolishment
4. parasite paradise
5. morbid drives
6. bloodbaptism

LYRICS - here you can get the lyrics of this 7" EP!