Lyrics from Blood 7" EP "Massacre"

Side A:


procreation by sadistic rites
immolation by vampiric brides
turn to human - bestiality
provoked by an - hyperbole
you prowl - prowl your mental forest
in the grasp - grasp of darken claws

drawn – past recognition
quartered – extremities divided

undignified ones - salvation for the dead
nocturnal association - to alienate society
mauled by smells - of dust – laden breath

drawn – past recognition
quartered – extremities divided


standing before your creator
last judgement decides your doom
an investigation started
an atmosphere of gloom
all alone lost in the round
onely with your guilt
judgement has been spoken now
making example on your sins
god turns off, the demons gloat

the angels entreat your exclusion
satan laughs, once more he wins
takes comfort of you
received from guards of the abyss

a new time era starts
for now and ever you braise in hell
in suffering you dwell

SENTENCED – for your sins
SENTENCED – for your guilt
SENTENCED – for eternity
there is no appeal


the living death and the dying living
how similar they are
like wheatears under the scythe
the heads are rolling down

for his flesh won΄t rise
burned to ash alive
christ abolishment
fuck the innocent !

foolish ghost of god
embodied putrid corpse
trapped within the flesh
entrantment of the evil one

denied from salvation
destroy the remains of christ

foolish ...

Side B:


lured by a beastly stench
a fly led from the smell
buzzing around a corpse

a covered place of nourishment
getting higher on her drives
she has searched for a hole
forced by her existence
attracted to her spoil

Parasite paradise

she found a hole and setted down
feeling undisturbed
placed her proboscis
and begins to slurb
repleted, she lays down eggs
in niches between the jelly flesh

a sanctuary for her brooD
the body gives descendants food
a nesting site for parasites
a rotten corpse is paradise

a parasite paradise
a paradise for parasites


I smell blood
I taste blood
I see blood
I feel your blood

mind distortion – it rapes my brain
while playing with my fingers in your wounds
stimulated by your awful countenance
it makes my morbid drives be sexually blessed

to have a fuck with a female dead
hustling and bustling with black decomposition
ultimate fullfillment of my most secret dreams
I΄m playing with my member to the summit

spurt out semen over brewing secretion
running from her tits


hair cropped off for a traditional rite
chosen ones bare and ignorant
expecting the blessing for the black communion
crawling requestly before the envy

to receive the liquid unction
than get baptized with blood from the infernal saint
blasphemic procession for the enthronement of god
arteries sliced off from the converted
to offer their blood the almighty lord

BLOODBAPTISM – blasphemic procession
chosen ones – satan΄s sons
BLOODBAPTISM – infernal rite
hellish solemnity – blood sacrifice