BLOOD - CD 2003 "dysangelium" *

(Morbid Records - Germany)

(Soundbunker Studio - Ludwigshafen)

The story of Dysangelium started end of 2000 after our studiodate for the Ep "massacre" and the split EP with Warspite. We started writing new songs, but things went very slowly and not that straight on. If we wouldn`t have done those 2 Eps, Dysangelium would have been released 1 year ago!! As we finished 9-10 new songs, we don`t like some of them at all. We arranged most of them new and also CLAUSI worked at his lyrics.

Ventilator + Clausi


Finally in 2002 we worked really hard for the new stuff. We cancelled most shows and wrote over 50 % of the new material. The nearer we went to the studiodate, the more we came in total trouble. Nothing was really ready and finished. Only the booklet, the title and the cover was totally finished. In the studio we hat tons of problems with the sound, with the technic and others... that we nearly had troubles with ourselves. But now we are very pleased with Dysangelium.

Taki 2003 (live in Belgium)

The sound was mastered by Pluto (Poserslaughter) and after that, the album got some more drive and brutality. All the stress and trouble was good for us, so we were able to give our absolutely best for this CD.


Blood are: Clausi - vocals
Eisen - guitars
Taki - bass
Ventilator - drums

01. blood-pulsation
02. adrenaline
03. schizophrenic wisdom
04. son of shadows
05. wormbody
06. where is your saviour now
07. jesus descent
08. evil saints
09. poison for the soul
10. the heretic
11. randymary
12. breaking bounds
13. anthem of scorn
14. garbage-can biotope
15. godmorphosis
16. hate-speech
17. malicious awakening
18. demon`s call
19. penalty
20. devil dance
21. dysangelium

* 2018 Tape Version by Grindfather productions (UK)
* 2021 CD - re-release by VIC records (NL).

Here are a few reviews:

Blood is without any doubts one of the first (if isn't the first) bands from German death/grind scene. They are around since 1986 and this is the 7th album (we won't count countless singles). Blood freely can be a symbol for the band that has strong beliefs and will what represents the fact that almost from the beginning they are working in the same line-up."Dysangelium is for me the best Blood album to date." Songs are in their recognisable style but I can feel a slight change in sound. That change can be heard in song "Devil Dance", which is total non-Blood song, with female vocal.
Production is good as usual. For every fan of Hellraiser and this sound.

(Morbid Records)

21 songs in 39 minutes says it all, right? BLOOD’s seventh album purposely doesn’t offer big stylistic surprises. This German Death / Grind band has been around since 1986 already. Their old school sound is rather primitive but well executed, some of their riffs don’t only kick some serious ass but offer creative ideas at least I haven’t heard before, just like on ‘Poison For The Soul’. Definitely an enjoyable album written to be played live. Some cool movie samples add spice (“He wouldn’t even harm a fly” is from Psycho, right?), so don’t get scared by the angelic intro. By the way, on ‘Devil Dance’ that female voice appears again and absolutely fits into the brutal structure of the song, cool contrast to the brutal grunts! I’m pretty impressed that after 17 years in this business BLOOD still sound this fresh and enthusiastic!
Ramon Claassen

band: blood
title: dysangelium
label: morbid records
time: 39'48"
Once in a while you come across living legends. Bands playing for over 15 years is something to be proud on i think. So having this new Blood album in my hands makes me in a way excited about it. Now, i'm not going to crap you up and praise them to heaven just for this sole reason. But i honestly can't say anything negative about this album. I even tried to search for something. It's not the most original album (far from!) but i just love every part of it. The songs are strong, powerfull and just simple straight in your face death/grind. I don't think they will ever be very talented musicians. Maybe they are, but i don't think Blood became a legend because of their 'technical songs'. Instead you get raw music, cut-off guitar parts that really make you move. Hearing them makes me tap my feet and play air-guitar, sing-along and make them a personal favourite. Some samples they use are pretty neat, but then again, lots of bands are using them. They even remind me of Punished Earth on certain parts. Check them out live if you can, i promise you, you'll adore them! They have the energy and the charisma to convince everybody.
review done by: ahfish

Can you spell old school? B.L.O.O.D. These German grindsters have been around for nearly 20 years now, and Dysangelium might be something of an anniversary for them. If I can still count correctly, this is already their 25th release (including demo tapes and vinyl EPs of course). And listening to the 21 songs of their new album, one thing is for sure: progress is something you will never get with Blood. Their grind core is extremely primitive, the production is very basic, and although the musicians' skills have improved over the years, they do their best to hide is as good as they can within song structures that are mostly very fast-paced, although from time to time there's some speed change when they switch to more death metal sounding parts or the occasional female vocals.
The question is: who needs bands like Blood these days? And the answer is quite easy: old school grind core bands still have a huge fan-base, and in times where cult icons like Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror play a kind of high tech grind with lots of gadgets, it's nice to know that there are still bands around who stick to what originated the scene in the first place.
True, Dysangelium is probably not a classic, and it's also for me not too easy to listen to it in one take, but it is a sincere piece of music created by people who still believe in the roots of their genre.
6 points! (10)