BLOOD - Studioreport 11/2002


On november 14th 2002 we had our first studiodate. Once again in Soundbunker Studio, Ludwigshafen.


November 15th we started to record the drums and the guitars, but things went slowly for the start. only 2 songs were recorded that day (PENALTY + GARBAGE-CAN BIOTOPE). Tomorrow well have a longer date!

our Studiomaster Guido

Ventilator total crazy

November 16th we finished the drums for nearly all bloody tracks. Only 2 tracks were remaining.

Taki arived

Wally + Guido (Studiomasters)

November 17th: we finished 9 more songs by guitars and bass and the guitars of JESUS DESCENT... this song is a brutal fucking killer - believe me! Wally did an amazing job, too (like Guido did!!).

Eisen... not that funny

Taki sick as hell

November 18th: We finished the drums completely and the guitars except two songs. tomorrow we have to do the bass for almost 6 songs, then its time for Clausi to start shouting.

Clausi smoking and posing

Taki in the darkness

The incredible Pizza with french fries, Ketchup and Majo (uuuuuuh)

November 19th: we finished the guitars and bass completely and drank much of beer after that. Hope Clausi will do such good work too... grind on!

Eisen grinding as hell

November 20th: Clausi started to fill the songs with his fucking voice. He finished 8 songs and did some work for the samples...

November 21st: off-day

November 22nd: Clausi finished all the vocals and most of the samples we planed. Believe me, its an total amazing killer!!

Next well start with the mixing, but not before sunday Nov.24th.

November 28th: With a little delay we continued the recordings. Some more things were needful to make. also Karo, the girlfriend of Clausi did some female vocals... but dont expect some whimpy stuff!!

Clausi, the grimreaper!

Karo - well done!

Finally on November 29th we started with the mix... Guido (the Studiomaster) was in full trouble. Blood is too heavy for him. We finished 9 songs completely... Sunday well do the remaining ones.

Clausi at the mixer

Guido in full trouble

December 2nd: finally its done!! We needed much time for the intro and outro, but now we are totally pleased with this work.

Watch out for the DYSANGELIUM

in early 2003 on MORBID records!