BLOOD - DEMO V 2/1988 *

"Spasmo Paralytic Dreams"

At the end of 1987 GEIER left the band. Directly after that we found BESTIAL BERND who is the "living pitchshifter". We did this Tape on February 28th 1988 in our rehearsal room.

the line up was: BESTIAL BERND - vocals
EISEN - guitars
TAKI - bass

A good friend of us Simon of DEATHCORE has drawn the cover for this Demo. He got a price for this picture in school.

Some real classic BLOOD-songs are also on this Tape: DOGMATIZE, SPASMO PARALYTIC DREAMS, JESUS NEVER LIVED, THE GREED and others.

Bestial Bernd 1988

Mick Harris(Napalm Death) + Ventilator 1988
the world's coolest drummers

Taki 1988

In this period we played some nice shows... one was in a local TV-show "heavy metal battle", in which we were the last Band that played live (after KREATOR, BACKWATER and others). The other great show that is worth to mention was with EXTREME NOISE TERROR and FEAR OF GOD... two of the masters of brutal sick grind in this era.

1. flanger(intro)
2. blood
3. compulsion
4. dogmatize
5. economic cancer
6. gore death
7. spasmo paralytic dreams
8. paragraph 218
9. non-virtuosis I (outro I)
10. terroraise
11. jesus never lived
12. marching full speed...
13. scuffing horror
14. collision
15. the greed
16. retrogression
17. heinous noise
18. non-virtuosis II (outro II)

* This Demo was re-released as Vinyl record LP by Nuclear War Now in October 2017.
* This Demo was re-released as CD by Diablos Records Mexico in May 2023.