BLOOD - CD 93 "O Agios Pethane" *


(Dust Music studio - Hilchenbach)

At the end of 1992 ALEX left BLOOD for different reasons. For 2 months we were without a singer. Then MARTIN WITCHSKINNER re-joined BLOOD because with his band DAWN things went very slowly. Directly before the recordings for the 3rd BLOOD album RUBEN kicked out of  BLOOD. It was the end of the experiments with 2 guitars. Ruben had a total different sight that doesn´t fit to the true and straight path of the band.

Blood 1993

Blood (Volkel 13.3.1993)

And believe me... MARTIN did an amazing job. Everything was nearly perfect. We were totally pleased with O AGIOS PETHANE. The cover was taken from a 3D painted model, MARTIN got in IRELAND. We took a photo of this distorted demons. Also this CD sold very well and the reactions of the people and the press were amazing.

Eisen 1993

Ventilator (Koblenz 25.9.93)

In summer 1993 we had a cool mini-tour with 2 shows in PORTUGAL and SPAIN. Normally there have had been 3 shows, but the 3rd was cancelled. It was another financial disaster, but the biggest adventure since SWEDEN 1991. We played with AVULSED, FERMENTO and GROG...

line up : MARTIN WITCHSKINNER - vocals
EISEN - guitars
TAKI - bass

1. intro
2. kadath
3. cannibal ritual
4. profanity
5. submission
6. sodomize the weak
7. punishment
8. christbait
9. dread
10. wings of declaration
11. by the way of grace
12. god left the world
13. afsta ta malakja sou
14. revelation
15. divine seed
16. spasmo paralytic dreams
17. lamentation
18. stream of anguish
19. blood for blood
20. outro

* Re-release by LEVIATHAN RECORDS (Czech Republic) in 2000 with a little different layout.
* For the first time on vinyl released by Cryptic Visions Arts December 2013 with tons of Extrastuff.
* CD re-release by Dunkelheit Produktionen 2016 as Digipack with rare shots and a new booklet.
* Tape Version by Headsplit records 2017.
* Vinyl re-release by Final Gate records 2019.