"no regret"

In July 1988 BESTIAL BERND left the band 'coz of some problems with his job and stuff. CHUCK of DEATHCORE used the microphone only for this tape...

Chuck 1988

Also some great classic songs are on this tape, like THE HEAD OF A DEAD CAT, TECHNICAL ABORTION, NO REGRET, DOGMATIZE (again) and a sick cover song of MASTER`S "the truth".

This was a kind of tribute for all our fans and friends who helped us during the past time.

line up on this recording:
TAKI - bass, CHUCK - vocals, VENTILATOR - drums, EISEN - guitars + some vocals
August 1988

1. intro (notch)
2. recognize yourself
3. great unit
4. linear logical intelligence
5. tumor
6. narrowed
7. the head of a dead cat
8. beta minors versus gamma plures
9. unsophisticated sorehead
10. technical abortion
11. dogmatize
12. a big cake
13. the truth
14. no regret

* This Demo was re-released as Vinyl record LP by Nuclear War Now in October 2017.
* This Demo was re-released as CD by Diablos Records Mexico in May 2023.