News 2004:

Jan, 3lst 2004

the first highlight of the year 2004. The show in Lörrach, a town near the swiss border. Only 2 other bands besides Blood this evening (Mortal Remains and Nordafrost), but that‘s no bad thing, so the pressure of time was not so hard and the crowd was absolutely not tired, as we entered the stage at 11 PM. Over 160 undead souls inside this hall and they celebrated the show like hell.

another show review



More photos here


March 2004

In March 2004 we had 2 great moments to celebrate: 18 years of Blood and 10 years of Clausi in Blood.

So here are some sick pix - be sure we were drunken as hell...

Clausi Eisen Taki Ventilator


April 2004

on april 30th we appeared on the big Walpurgis Metal - Festival with many very good german and international Bands. You'll see some Photos and reviews at their side. We had a fucking cool time there. Nearly 1000 people were there to grind with us. It was a big party well organized and funny as hell!

Taki signing CDs pinoccio - tower Taki went for camping


May 2004

on May, 29th 2004 it was time to conquer the capitol again. Too bad only a few lost souls visited this show, but who cares? We gave our fucking best. The Organisation was brilliant and the shots says everything...


Eisen + Clausi Clausi
Eisen Ventilator + Taki Clausi


July 2004

wow - what an event! The Obscene extreme festival 2004 was the biggest show for us ever, and one ofthe biggest underground deathlgrind festivals in the whole scene. Over 40 international Bands during this 2 days of decay, a superb crowd and a brilliant festival - feeling made this a great day to remember...r.

start of the show

fire fire Eisen,Clausi,Taki
Ventilator the crowd Taki

October/November 2004

For the first time in Italy - Verona along with the Black-Legend Mortuary Drape and other italian bands. Nearly 300 sick souls found their way to the genious Teatro Tenda to enjoy this superb show!

On November 13th we had an crazy Blood-Metal-Party in our rehearsal room. The room and the drinks were ice-cold. The tune was  hotter than hell! The good old Metal-time would be celebrated. Here are a few shots of it: