BLOOD - CD 94 "Mental Conflicts *


(Station studios - Calmbach)

At the end of 1993 MARTIN left the band definately and we had our biggest crisis. BLOOD was ready to split up... from december 1993 to march 1994 Eisen took the micro and used the vocals in BLOOD for the shows that were setted up. It was OK, but very different. This wes not the real BLOOD. We tried 2 new singers in March 1994. One of them was CLAUSI. He blew us totally away. He did the BLOOD-songs better, than the instruments did...

Blood (Hassloch 27.5.94)

Blood 1994

No question, we took CLAUSI. We had another great shows with bands as ANCIENT RITES, OCCULT, LAST DAYS OF HUMANITY, FLESHLESS...
MORBID RECORDS asked us to sign a contract for this CD, so we did it. There were some problems with the release. The sound was not 100% like we wanted it, the layout was not perfect (too much faults). Anyway - the songs were almost very good.

Blood (Merksplas - Belgium 25.9.94)

This should become a total stabile line up for the future!

line up: CLAUSI - vocals
EISEN - guitars + back vocals
TAKI - bass guitar

1. lntro (Tentacles)
2. insomnia
3. toothache
4. master`s clemency
5. secrets of blood
6. mental conflict
7. bleed for me
8. spreading the thoughts
9. blood
10. stretched
11. away is away
12. for auld lang syne
13. crown court
14. inflame
15. texas chainsaw massacre
16. naked frozen
17. bloodprice
18. the favour of ecstasy
19. morpheus
20. I dream dead

* 2017 this CD was re-released by VIC - RECORDS (NL) with new booklet and the 'Spittle red of Blood' EP as Bonus
* 2018 Vinyl Version by Final Gate records with Bonustracks
* 2018 Tape Version by Grindfather Productions with Bonustracks