BLOOD - LP/CD/Tape 2017 "Inferno" *

(Self release)

(Kohlekeller Studio - Oberbeerbach)

In mid 2014 Martin Witchskinner rejoined Blood for the 3rd time and Chuck replaced Hanzi on guitars. After the first rehearsing, we had the feeling of the early times back and new energy to continue with full power. Everybody was waiting for years for a new sign of the band and so we started writing new material. As always things goes very slowly, but we wanted it overwhelming.

Blood and Kohle (studio magician)

Martin Witchskinner

Kai (2nd studio magician) and Chuck

14 years after the last album Dysangelium the world turns further and we had no idea, where to record our shit. After research we found the Kohlekellerstudio, where also other cool bands recorded their stuff (Aborted, Benighted...) and it is not so far away from our hometown. At the beginning we were skeptical, because of all the new technologies, because we have a total oldschool attitude. Kohle talked very much about the new technics, but we didn't want to hear about this - we just wanna record our stuff! The truth lies between both worlds. Never before a band recorded a whole album in such a short amount of time - said Kohle.

Ventilator blasting

Satanic Taki concentrating

We thought about which label we'd like to release it, but we decided to do everything at ourselves. Chris Moyen, a longtime friend and companion drew this brutal cover artwork.
The Vinyl LP/CD Version contains a quality gatefold cover, 2 big sized stickers and a poster. The album is limited to 1000 handnumbered copies, in addition there will be also a Tapeversion. Release is on Sep. 29th 2017 and we are curious, how the scene will absorb the first Blood album after such a long time.


Destroyer Eisen

DESTROYER EISEN - guitars + backing vocals
CHUCK - guitars

01 Conjuration
02 The Summoning
03 Inquisitor Witchskinner
04 Hex Inferis
05 Retrogression
06 In Hell We Burn
07 The Devil's Coronation
08 Christbait
09 Decimation
10 Breed Of The Jackal
11 Impulse To Destroy
12 Dread
13 Inferno
14 Nocturnal Ceremonies
15 Mass Distortion
16 Infidel

* 2018 Digipack CD Version as a self release in cooperation with FDA-records.
* 2019 as jewel case CD on Soul Erazer records (Brazil - limited to 500).