BLOOD - DEMO 5/1986

"Infernal Horror"

This was our very first output of noise, 2 months after we started the "Band". First we only met at my home to do some noise, to cover some songs of SODOM, DESTRUCTION and other great bands of this period... but nothing was serious - only just for fun.

the line up at this Demo was:
SLAUGHTER GEIER - thundervocals
DESTROYER EISEN - bestial death guitar
EVIL RADTKE - burst desolation drums (some songs)
SATANIC TAKI - terror radical drums (the other songs)

Slaughter Geier 1986

Destroyer Eisen 1986

also we had 2 guest - musicians called LUCHTE + KATER. The style was named "evil lightspeed hardcore". Those were our really first experiences in the world of music.
Recorded at the IRON TURBO STUDIOS ...kill the sealbabies!

1. burst command til war
2. witching metal
3. total desaster
4. panic and hystery
5. satans war
6. blood
7. kill the sealbabies
8. tortured in hell
9. drink your own blood
10. biography of bathory I
11. outbreak of evil
12. total onslaught
13. blasphemy
14. drink til death
15. biography of bathory II