BLOOD - DEMO IV 10/1987 *

"heinous noise"

In June 1987 EVIL RADTKE left the Band, because of his other hobbies and interests and after that we found VENTILATOR who likes to join the band. Now many things changed... the songs got a concept and structure. We bought new and better instruments and turned BLOOD to a Grindcoreband. In October 1987 we recorded the fourth Demo called "Heinous noise". This Tape contained some real classic songs, like SINISTER KNELL, BLOODY SEASON, BLOOD, VENTILATOR INTEGRATOR and the old version of BLOOD.

the line up was: GEIER - thundervocals
EISEN - bestial death guitars
TAKI - terror radical bass
VENTILATOR - desolation drums

Eisen 1987

Ventilator 1987

"heinous noise" was recorded in the RHEINHÄUSER STUDIOS 151
...this is total shit with class or easily ULTRA DERB CORE.

Ventilator + Taki 1987

In 1987 we had 3 more live shows with such cool bands as MESSIAH, A.O.K., FEAR OF GOD or DEATH IN ACTION. We got a better and better response and had a name in the underground - scene.

1. intro (demonic hounds)
2. blood
3. jesus never lived
4. celtic compost
5. sinister knell
6. bloody season
7. smarties
8. ventilator integrator
9. satanic vomit
10. 2 second idea
11. A.I.D.S. (an ill dutch slammer)
12. skate is great
13. vivify the hate
14. foulmouthed politicians
15. why?
16. instigate

* This Demo was re-released as Vinyl record LP by Nuclear War Now in October 2017.
* This Demo was re-released as CD by Diablos Records Mexico in May 2023.