BLOOD - CD 1999 "gas flames bones" *

(Ars Metalli - Germany)

(Soundbunker Studio - Ludwigshafen)

In 1999 it was time to release our 6th full length album. After we asked many labels, ARS METALLI made the best offer for us, so we signed for this album. OK, most bands on ARS METALLI are black metal, but who cares, they did a good job. We only had a problem with the CD-print. Some factories didn´t agree to do it this way, so we changed it. This brought us a delay of 3 months.

Blood 99

We were totally pleased with the artwork and the professional photos. The pictures shows different ways of cruelty, war and inhumanity - they fit perfect to the lyrics.

We had only 3 live shows in 1999, for some personally problems with family and children but who cares... the BLOOD will flow like an everflowing stream...




Speyer 19/8/99

Eisen, Dave (LIVIDITY), Taki

we met our friends of LIVIDITY at their european tour here in Kaiserslautern. We shot some awful photos and had a good time.

the missing lyric:


break the spell to a netherworld - fight against the tricks of the enemy
picked to pieces by machinegunfire - survivors in a trench
order to destroy - lawless is the battle
remorse is unknown - prisoners get liquidated

merciless the tanks - blasting steel beyond horizon
shatters the stand of the opponent - pulverise all men

in a positional warfare... we crush them down !
bombs smash down the huts - napalm erases all snipes
this village is wiped out - just craters to the ground

in a positional warfare... - we crush them down !

line up: CLAUSI - vocals
EISEN - guitars
TAKI - bass

1. intro
2. screaming with no face
3. flames and gas
4. auto cannibalism
5. ebola
6. perishment in utter ecstasy
7. defaced total mutation
8. 2011
9. der Henker
10. fleshconsumer
11. multiglobalised fallacy
12. derangement
13. woundead
14. FH-7Omm
15. holy rot
16. mankind
17. serial infanticide
18. amputation
19. hecatomb
20. positional warfare

* 2018 CD from VIC Records with new booklet and bonustrack
* 2018 Vinyl Version from Final Gate records with Bonustrack
* 2018 Tape Version from Grindfather Productions with Bonustrack