BLOOD - CD 1996 "depraved goddess" *

(self release)

(soundbunker studio - Ludwigshafen)

finally - after over 2 years we released the 5th Album "depraved goddess". Things went slowly creating new songs and stuff, but it´s not as easy as the past years for personal reasons as family, job, children...
We had a brilliant sound and a perfect, professional layout for the booklet. We were a bit disappointed for the past label-activities, so we decided to do this CD as a self-release.
17 new songs and 3 older ones (EUTHANASTIC INCLINATION, BLOODY SEASON and SINISTER KNELL) with a perfect sound. This CD-pack comes with a real rusty nail to nail the holy bastard to the cross.

Blood (Obercunnersdorf 31.5.96)

(Speyer 15.3.96)

We had some very good shows in this year. I think the best was the 10 year anniversary of the Band on March 96 here in Speyer. We played this show with some former members, as: MARTIN, CHUCK, WENGE, RUBEN and RADTKE. A big HAIL goes out to all of them!

Taki + Luisma (Haemorrhage)

Blood (Homburg 30.11.96)

We had lots of trouble with the distribution of this album and made really no money... Everything for the band and the fun!

line up: CLAUSI - vocals
EISEN - guitars
TAKI - bass

...shut up you weeping piece of spew... or your cross will fuck you too!

1. intro (Zombie)
2. roman whores
3. euthanastic inclination
4. blasphemy
5. die Leiche
6. bloody season
7. the god you save
8. unholy god
9. dark conscience
10. wage war
11. bastard son
12. maggotstorm
13. Christian holocaust
14. wie Krieger sterben
15. fuck religions
16. destroy command
17. fleshhunger (cannibal ritual II)
18. sinisterknell
19. execution
20. a burial place
21. an orgy of blood at forest morgue

* re-released by ARS METALLI RECORDS in 1999
* 2018 CD by VIC Records with new booklet and 3 Bonustracks
* 2018 Vinyl Version by Final Gate records with 3 Bonustracks
* 2018 Tape Version by Grindfather Productions with 3 Bonustracks