BLOOD - DEMO III 11/1986


since the second Demo we had a break of a few months. During this period we bought a real drumset and started rehearsing in an real rehearsalroom. Finally in November 1986 it was time for the next recording... and believe me - this is true overtuned brutal noiseshit!! We had a cool party during the recording session... totally drunk and sick. ULTRA DERBCORE was born.

Eisen 1987

Radtke 1987

the line up was:
GEIER - voice of death
EISEN - zapping strings
RADTKE - desolation drums

* TAKI was too busy with his job, so he wasn't with us for this recording
some guest-musicians were there to support this brutal noise:
ROBBY - barbrian dustbin
GORE GERNOT + BERND for additional growls

Gore-Gernot 1986

recorded at the SCHANDEIN STUDIOS, last remix at the IRON TURBO STUDIOS.
Cover design by RADTKE+BLOOD ...dedicated to all alcoholic thrashers...

In March 1987 we had our first live show in front of 150 people. We were totally afraid, but I think we did a good job. Most of the crowd didn´t understand this kind of noise, but we loved it. The other bands we played with were HOLY MOSES and EXUMER which were very well known in the german thrash scene. At this show we met our future-drummer VENTILATOR, who was on tour with another Metal-band from Speyer called POISON ASP.

1. doom
2. burst command til war
3. bloody season
4. corpse violator
5. cruelty to kangaroos
6. chainsaw hunter
7. masochist
8. death and insanity
9. thundermosh
10. skullreapers victim
11. mightyless creatures
12. elephant fart
13. Yngwie is bader
14. perverse
15. the sealslaughter goes on
16. rest in pain
17. spiritism mass
18. black massacre
19. hardcorebanger