BLOOD - LP/CD 1992 "christbait" *


(dust music studio - Hilchenbach)

In early 1992 WENGE and MARTIN "CHICKEN" left Blood because they formed their own Band DAWN. ALEX (vocals) and RUBEN (guitars) replaced them.

Alex (Püttlingen 10.10.92)

Ruben 1992 (Ludwigshafen 16.10.92)

Ventilator (Ludwigshafen 16.10.92)

The guy of the studio started a label (1MF - records) and after our split Ep's with AGATHOCLES + IMPETIGO we got an 2 - LP deal on this label. Time was very short to include the new members, but it was OK. Christbait was pure Death Metal... the Grindcore-elements were gone. Many people enjoyed it, others not. I must say this gave us a big kick forward and 'til now it was the best selling BLOOD-album. We got a good distribution through ROUGH TRADE.

BLOOD were: ALEX - the voice
EISEN + RUBEN - guitars
TAKI - bass

Blood 1992

Blood (Worms 11.7.1992)

The cover-photo shows the crypt of the big cathedral of Speyer where many emperors lay buried.
Now, some years later we don´t like Christbait very much. It's not a typically BLOOD-album, especially from the clean sound. I would call it an "accident". The experiment with 2 guitar players failed and Alex didn't found his personal style of singing after those few months (listen to his later releases with NAKED WHIPPER and you know what I mean).

Blood 1992

Eisen (Püttlingen 10.10.92)

1. lost lords
2. and no one cries
3. the last words
4. scares of soul
5. damnation
6. harass
7. joln stock company
8. final chasm
9. dogmatize
10. self immolation
11. widow path
12. be doomed
13. bought beauty
14. past belief cession
15. mass distortion

16. the greed
17. down to the swamp
18. technical abortion
19. the head of a dead cat
20. terroraise

* In 2000, CD re-release by LEVIATHAN - RECORDS (czech republic) with a little different layout and photos.
* In 2015 + 2017, CD re-release by VIC - RECORDS (Netherlands) with a huge new booklet.
* In 2015/2016, re-release as vinyl version by Final Gate records with a huge new lyric sheet.
* In 2018, Tape Version by Grindfather Productions.
* In 2020, CD re-release by Fatalism Musickness (Indonesia) limited to 500.