traditional rites

(dust music studio - Hilchenbach)

In December 1990 we entered the studio to record some songs for the upcoming split 7" EP's with the godly IMPETIGO and AGATHOCLES... our brothers of grind! And here is the BLOOD/AGATHOCLES split EP.

Wenge 1991

Taki 1991

Martin + Eisen 1991

Directly after this recording WENGE joined BLOOD to play the second guitar. This EP did very well for a self release without a big distibution. The sound was much better than the last time... we learned a lot since 1989!  

The cover-art was done by MARCO GEMMET from switzerland.

Blood 1991

Ventilator 1991

line up:
MARTIN "chicken" - vocals
EISEN + WENGE - guitars
TAKI - bass

In 1991 we had very good shows with amazing Bands as AGATHOCLES, SAMAEL, ULCEROUS PHLEGM, GOREFEST, ATROCITY...
In summer we did a small adventure-like sweden-tour, where we played with DISMEMBER and CREMATORY (the swedisch!!).

Ventilator 1991

Eisen 1991

Martin 1991

This EP was dedicated to the incredible and faithful bloody crew: SVEN DUNDA, ARNE HOFMANN and ROLF TREIBER. You were always with us in this period!

1. dogmatize
2. twisted bodies