death-fest 2001 report:

Between 11 and 12 Uhr oīclock the backline was installed. In the frontroom some distros built up their merchandize and stuff for sale (CDs, shirts...), that there werenīt enough desks for all! A short soundcheck before at 2 PM the doors opened. At the beginning only a few people came up to see the show... HUMAN WASTE from Trier were the opener. They had a delay of half an hour and some problems with the bad sound. Only less than 100 people were there at this moment, but they had some of their true friends and fans with them. Human Waste played mid-tempo Death Metal - not bad, but also without any surprises. The sound was like a big pulp of noise. Second band was EMBEDDED from north-germany. They had lots of fun and their Death-Metal was much faster. Some more people were there now and the sound was much better, so the crowd went more insane!


REQUIEM from switzerland were the third band of this night. They went out very straight and really fast - amazing death-metal... only the vocals were not the best... a bit gay-like! It didnīt fit to the rest of the music. Next Band was DEEPRED from Finnland. What ashame - I must say that I missed them (the food was too good!), but some people told me, that they were much bader than on CD. Now it was Holland-time with DISAVOWED and PYAEMIA. Both bands sounded a bit similar, but who cares!Total brutal great death metal on the highest level with a maximum of speed. The 200 people went almost crazy in front of the stage now.


VENERAL DISEASE next had a kind of home-game! In front of the stage the crowd was raging very mad. And then their technical brutal death metal fucking horny!! Is it possible to do it better? - yes! INHUMATE from France were the hell! Their singer was an absolute unbelieveable beast. The stage was full of abnormal stagedivers. Their music was no mindless fun-noise... it was fast brutal deathgrind at itīs best. The one who missed this is a weak dicksucker!


The band who had to play next needed to be regreted, but no way! NECROPHAGIST with one of their few shows since a while produced a lot of astonished sights. How can a band play so technical an still brutal? After their CD was recorded with a drumcomputer, their old drummer re-joined the band (who else in the world could play these sons?) and the new bass player had a total twisted off look that you think, you have MACABRE on stage. Now over 300 people were in the hall to see the next band: SEVERE TORTURE from Holland.They beated their almost fast death metal at itīs best... amazing! But it was very late now, and people were a bit tired after this exerted and long night.


We (BLOOD) were the last band of the death fest. Too bad tha we had only a short playtime because the bands before were not in time. We had an almost good show and were pleased with it. The whole Death-fest was a fucking killer and was worth itīs name. Nearly only top-bands of death on this fucking evening. See you soon...